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Quality localized translations
are part of the player’s rights
It is also the most basic respect for the player

We have therefore assembled a team of volunteers dedicated to developing a quality localization translation project for Planetside 2.

As loyal players of Planetside 2, we were aware of the serious quality issues with the official Chinese language pack, which seriously affected the game experience. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and localize the game with the goal of high quality and accuracy. Our team consists of players who love Planetside 2, ensuring that the meaning and details of the game are accurately conveyed in the translation process.

Our translation team constantly works to translate text, dialogue, missions, and other elements of the game into smooth, natural Chinese expressions by carefully reviewing them. We also keep in close contact with our community of players to listen to their feedback and suggestions in order to continuously improve the quality of the translation and meet the expectations of our players.

Our goal is to provide a quality localized gaming experience for Planetside 2 players so that they can better understand and enjoy the game. Our translation project will be continuously updated and improved to ensure that we stay up-to-date with the game version and bring the best localized translations to our players.

If you are a player of Planetside 2, we welcome you to participate in our community and share your comments and suggestions with us. We also welcome more volunteers who love Planetside 2 to join our translation team and work together to make the game a better experience for our players. Let’s contribute to the localization of Planetside 2 together!